28.11.2014: “During a meeting full of deep dark memories with Lucille Eichengreen…

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From Ashes To Life” heißt das Stück, welches „Laut gegen Nazis“ mit der Band “The Cave Riot” am 26.09.2014 veröffentlichten.
“During a meeting full of deep dark memories with Lucille Eichengreen the idea for the song came about. At this meeting she explained to us that no one from the city of Hamburg or anyone from Germany has personally apologised to her, ever. Non one has ever apologised to her for the loss of her family who were murdered by the Nazis. It was only in the 90s that Lucille Eichengreen returned to German soil. “I cannot forgive and I cannot forget” was the first of many touching quotes we heard in Hamburg during the meeting”
The Letter to Lucille:
15th September 2014, Hamburg
Dear Lucille Eichengreen and family,
I’m sending you a song which we have decided to name “From Ashes to Life”. It has been interpreted from “The Cave Riot” featuring “Laut Gegen Nazis” and Peter Lohmeyer. We of course have a reason for doing this.
We remember our meeting from February 2008 which took place here in Hamburg. We met together with Stephanie Kloß, Andreas Nowak from the band “Silbermond”, a historian, an editor from the news company DPA, an editor for the “Spiegel” and yourselves. The reason being the scoring of more chapters of your book. We were turning “From Ashes to Life” (original title in German) into an audio book which was being read by Stephanie Kloß. Stephanie had already tried to read the book in the studio several times but she had been interrupted.
Your life story and the emotional tone of your described life left tears in Stephanie’s eyes; a life which is symbolic for many victims of the Nazis. Your life. With the highest respect and with a deep honour we remember our meeting in Hamburg with you. You have given us a new motivation and stronger power to keep working with our campaign, “Laut gegen Nazis – right violence can happen to anyone” which we have been sponsoring for ten years now.
After our meeting you have only made it more clear to us, this can never happen again.
Unfortunately the Nazi ghost has still not been dispelled from Germany yet. In 2014 it is again possible for us to try to seize the extreme right wing political parties with their contempt for mankind from Europe and the German Parliament. Unfortunately we cannot presume that these parts of society have learnt from the stories and particularly your story which has brought you and your family so much pain.
Still today people are assaulted and abused because of their religion, background and political position in Germany. Right-wring extremist injuries and deaths are not uncommon. These crimes have only been recorded since 1990 and we expect that of course anti-Semitism and racism did not and has not and possibly will not cease.
We “cannot forgive and cannot forget”! What is also important is that we sensitise the community now and keep doing so in the future. We will keep the hope that with our work and efforts we can help play a part in this, despite the increasing contempt today. We want and need to always remember what you and so many other people went through. “Remebering is living” this is something you said to us during our meeting and we have kept this in our minds since then.
At our meeting you said that neither your birthplace, the city of Hamburg nor Germany in general have personally apologised to you. Our song is no official apology, more of a gesture. But we have written it and made it for you and so many people have helped along the way with it.
We belong to a generation which although did not commit these crimes, bears the responsibility to prevent them ever happening again.
“Never Forgive and never forget!”
Jörn Menge
Chairman and Founder of “Laut gegen Nazis”

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