20.08.2014: Wir stellen vor! Wir begrüßen „Bonsai Kitten“ aus Berlin am 30. August 2014 bei 10 Jahre „Laut gegen Nazis“

„Occupy Yourself!“ is the third album by the Berlin Killbilly outfit BONSAI KITTEN, and it blew away the heads of critics and fans. It’s a call for a revolution in your own head, firing up the audiences on the bands european albumtour. „An explosive album named Occupy Yourself!“ (Piranha Magazine), with „speed, catchy chorus and kick-ass effects in every song“ (Intro Magazine). „Bonsai Kitten are the next best thing“ (Westzeit Magazine) and „surprise with new ideas“ (Sonic Seducer). The sweaty liveshows, adorned with many glam accessiories, are a vibrant impact of energy, „how entertainment should be“ (Rockstage Riot). „No more words of undergound“ (Slam Magazine). There will be no way around Bonsai Kitten anymore!

Killbilly since 2007! The Berlin outfit Bonsai Kitten released their 3rd full length album „Occupy Yourself!“ on the 28th of March 2014. This record is a call for liberation and change starting with a revolution in your own head first.

After the release of their debut EP in 2007 for the Japanese market only, their follow up long players „Done With Hell“ and „Welcome To My World“ were released on Wolverine Records in 2011 and 2012 and gained great critical acclaim. Bonsai Kitten have toured Europe excessivly in the past years. They opened up for artists such as Dick Dale, The Boss Hoss, Mad Sin and played lots of international festivals such as the Satanic Stomp and Psychomania Rumble in Germnay, Dead End Festival in the Check Republic, Kempener Pop in the Netherlands, Biranthology Fest in Italy, Bedlam Breakout in the UK, to name a few.

The feisty foursome stages drama-packed live sets, bursting at the seams with explosive energy. Bonsai Kitten are the redhaired female singer Tiger Lilly Marleen and her boys Highko Strom, Krczycz and Alexx Delarge. They are a street-smart force to be reckoned with! Oh Yeah, Bonsai Kitten will be your new favorite band!

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